CS3247 Game Development Course

Amazing games, each developed by a group of 2 or 4 stduents in 6 weeks as part of their module project. Most of the games can run in different platforms including Win, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android, and Browsers.

Attention: We are currently setting-up a "Game Studio" to enhance the learning experience. We are looking for industry sponsors who can either co-sponsor or fully-sponsor the studio. Benefits include -
- The studio/lab will carry the name of the sponsor (eg. "ABC Game Studio").
- Perhaps you have a great idea, but your company doesn’t have the team to explore it. You can propose it as a stuent project and tap on to the expertise, energy, and enthusiasm of top-notch faculty and students.
- Will get priorities in interviewing good students for intership, employment.. etc.
The school will provide space for the studio. You may co-sponsor items such as computers, i/o devices for games - sensors, actuators, haptic devices, game engines, prototyping tools are expected from the sponsor. If you are interested, we are happy to discuss further about the details. Please contact: Dr Anand - banand@comp.nus.edu.sg

2012-13 Semester 2 (Current Semester) Game Projects - Click Here to View All Games & Download -

Most popular games:


2012-13 Semester 1 Game Projects (CS3247/CS4213) - Click Here to View All Games & Download-

Most popular games:

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